Room cleaning:
Guest information

ABELOESSA METHONIAN HOSPITALITY adapts its operation taking into account the new safety measures and hygiene protocols.

  • Before arrival
    We suggest you send us an email, so that we can send you back the check-in form to secure a fast and without stress check-in.
  • Upon arrival

    Thank you for choosing and trusting us.

    Check-out takes place at 11:00 and check-in at 15:00 so that there is enough time for room cleaning and disinfection.

    Upon your arrival we recommend that you use the disinfectant liquid that is available in the reception area.

Upon arrival in your room, please consider:
  • Towel and linen policy
    In case you need more towels and linen, please call the reception.
  • For the period of your stay
    Please inform us regarding the days you wish your room to be cleaned. According to the Cleaning Protocols, the cleaning of your room must be requested.
    Please inform us the day before, so we can schedule the thorough cleaning of your room.
Your Departure

Call the reception to ask for your bill; in this way, can have its payment and your check-out ready. Payments can be made by credit/debit card, by bank transfer or cash.

Customer service:

  • For any further information regarding the wider area or tours and activities, please contact the reception. 

Credit cards:

The hotel accepts VISA and MASTERCARD.

Baby cots:

There are baby cots available at the reception. Please inform the reception.

First Aid kit:

A first aid kit is available at the reception.

Room extras:

  • Hair dryer
  • Air conditioner
  • TV
  • Kitchen with basic equipment


Wifi available in all hotel areas and rooms


  • In case you want to leave the hotel later, we can hold your luggage for a acouple of hours.

Parking Space:
Guests of ABELOESSA METHONIAN HOSPITALITY can park for free on site.

Key – Room Card:
For your safety, please inform the reception immediately if you lose your key. Always lock the door when leaving your room. The hotel management is not responsible for the loss of money or personal items.

Swimming pool:
The pool is exclusively for our guests.
Opening hours: 11: 00h to 19: 00h.
Children must be accompanied and kept under the close supervision of their guardian

Please be informed about and follow the safety rules.

For safety reasons the use of glassware around the pool is not allowed.
All beverages should be consumed in plastic or paper containers.

Useful information


Banks are open to the public 8:00h – 14:00h.


Available ATMs in Methoni: ETHNIKI, PIRAEUS

Thank you for your presence at ABELOESSA METHONIAN HOSPITALITY

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